Our Mission

In Italy, for too many children today, the location, family and socio-economic circumstances they are born into, defines their educational success and entire future.

Teach for Italy envisions a country in which all children and young people, regardless of their socioeconomic background, have the opportunity to unlock their full potential.

We believe that leadership is at the core of the solution and we endeavour to create a nationwide movement of leaders who will expand educational opportunity to all children and young people in Italy.

Through leadership we aim to change the perception of teaching as a profession, attracting the most talented individuals to the most under-resourced schools in Italy. This is because we believe the best teachers can open minds and change lives.

Through leadership we also aim to reimagine education, changing the current paradigm to make sure education places all learners at the centre, while raising the quality of education and innovating in the way people teach.

Teach For Italy aims to recruit, train, and place the best young leaders to teach in Italy’s most underserved schools for a minimum of 2 years. Our fellows will work in the classroom as well as outside it, leading by example and supporting the local community in improving children’s lives.



We envision a country where all children and young people, regardless of their socioeconomic circumstances, have the opportunity to unlock their full potential through an excellent education.


Our mission is to catalyse a nationwide movement of impact-driven leaders expanding educational opportunities to all children and young people in Italy.


Over the long term, our aim is to strengthen the public education system, allowing it to attract the best talent into the teaching profession, and bringing innovation and new energy to the schools that need it the most.


We aim to do this in partnership with the Italian Ministry of Education, regional and local governments, local communities, and most importantly, local coalitions of teachers, parents and students.  



Worldwide, the location, family and socio-economic circumstances in which children are born into largely determine their future educational outcomes and ultimately their options in life.

Because of this, too many people are falling short of realising their potential.

Our Approach

Teach for Italy aims to expand educational opportunities for children, regardless of their socio-economic backgrounds and current educational attainment levels, and to persuade young Italians to complete their tertiary education advocating for education as a key for self-empowerment.


Teach For Italy – Insegnare per l’Italia is working closely with Teach For All, an international network of independent organisations present in 53 countries, with a shared vision of expanding educational opportunities across very different contexts.

As an ever expanding global network, Teach For All envisions a world where educators, policymakers, parents, and students are working together to ensure that their communities’ children have the foundation they need to shape a better future for themselves.


We are looking for leaders!

Teach and strengthen your leadership skills with the Teach for Italy Fellowship Programme. Our fellowship programme places you in underserved schools, where you learn to teach and lead from the front. Unlike any other program in Italy, you will be placed in the classroom and will be able to make a difference from day one.

We ask for a minimum commitment of two years. We promise benefits that will last your entire life and career.

We believe in transformational teaching and we will support you to become a truly transformational teacher for children and young people. You will strengthen their academic achievement, but you will impact their lives by helping them to both understand themselves, as well as their purpose and the contribution they wish to make in the world.

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We rely on contributions from the private sector and individuals to support our work.
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