We are looking for leaders!

Teach and strengthen your leadership skills with the Teach for Italy Fellowship Programme. Our fellowship programme places you in underserved schools, where you learn to teach and lead from the front. Unlike any other program in Italy, you will be placed in the classroom and will be able to make a difference from day one.

We ask for a minimum commitment of two years. We promise benefits that will last your entire life and career.

We believe in transformational teaching and we will support you to become a truly transformational teacher for children and young people. You will strengthen their academic achievement, but you will impact their lives by helping them to both understand themselves, as well as their purpose and the contribution they wish to make in the world.

We are not just a teachers program. Teach For Italy’s long-term goal is to develop a group of leaders who will continue fighting to change the negative cycle of educational inequity in Italy. The impact of the Fellowship will be measured through the fellow’s own personal growth transformation, as well as their commitment to continue to work to resolve the inequities of our education system.

Become one of these future leaders, become a Teach for Italy fellow. Earn a salary while you train, help children discover their potential, and gain incomparable experiences and transferable skills that will launch your career.

Fellowship applications will open later in 2019. If you are interested please include your contact info in the below form and we will contact you when more information is available. For questions, contact:

Teach for Italy is looking for sponsors and partners to alongside us at every level of the system to help make a positive impact on students, classrooms, schools and communities in order to change Italy.

For more information contact: