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Fight educational inequalities in Italy: take part in Teach For Italy’s Fellowship

Our program places you for two years in the most disadvantaged schools in Italy, where you will learn to teach and manage a classroom, will have an impact on the local community, and will improve your future professional opportunities through career coaching and mentoring, and access to a global network of leaders in 53 countries.

Details of the programme:

  • A Minimum commitment of two years (July 2020 – July 2022) as a teacher in a primary or secondary school
  • Intensive summer institute training at the start of the programme
  • the opportunity to partecipate to The Future Makers 2020 organized by our partner BCG
  • A personal coaching programme for the entire duration of your teaching assignment
  • Two year support to develop your leadership skills and professional competences, together with a personal mentoring scheme
  • The opportunity to participate in summer internships in other NGOs working to fight educational inequity globally
  • Becoming part of an international community of teachers, alumni, professionals and social entrepreneurs focusing on education and social change in 53 countries globally

Who we are looking for:

  • The best Italian talent: young men and women with an Italian degree (Laurea/Laurea Magistrale/ Laurea Magistrale a Ciclo Unico) obtained or to be obtained by June 2020;
  • Strong proficiency in English (minimum level B2/C1);
  • available to relocate for two years in another Italian region;
  • Who want to improve the public school system, and support their students to reach their potential, both academically and in mindset;
  • Resilient, open to feedback and with great willingness to learn;
  • Ready to become agents of change and commit their lives to reduce educational inequalities in Italy

Join us, to transform, with your efforts and our support, the impact education can have to the life of Italian students in the most underserved communities, improving their future life prospects and helping them to reach their potential.

For this selection round, priority will be given to candidates with technical-scientific backgrounds, graduated in foreign languages ​​or from the faculty of Scienze dell’Educazione Primaria.


We believe that a good teacher can have an impact on the life of his/her students, and be a leader and a role model. We will help you to become a transformative teacher, one able to transform the prospects of his/her students, supporting them to improve not only their academic results, but also helping them to understand themselves, their potential and objectives in life.

We are not a teacher’s program. Our objective is to create a network of future Italian leaders who will commit their lives to fighting educational inequalities in Italy. From within and outside of the public education system, they will contribute to fight inequality to allow every child, no matter the circumstances they come from, to have access to the same opportunities.

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Join us to strengthen the Italian education system and fight any type of inequality, together.