Our impact can be incredible – but don’t take our word for it – read the stories of those who have joined our movement. 

Luca Bellana

Getting into teaching with Teach First has shown me what “educational inequality” actually and truly means. My pupils – children full of talent, creativity and desire to learn – have to constantly face obstacles and barriers that make their school and life paths a lot harder than their wealthier peers: if life was a Formula 1 race, my children would unfortunately start from the last positions, far behind those who were lucky enough to be born in affluent families and could start, on the contrary, from the pole positions.

Giovanni Russillo

I firmly believe that Education is a universal right and the only path to creating a better world. By making sure that everyone has access to high quality education we can equip future generations with the tools necessary to solve our biggest challenges and improve our society. Teach First provides amazing teacher training to very skilled, capable and motivated people, and then places them in schools most in need of support.Their model is simple but smart, filling two complementary needs: